Brand: Navneet Herbal Products

Packing: 100gms/250gms/sachet packing also available

  • Gul Vanfashac
  • Big cardamon
  • Small Cardamon
  • Five Star
  • Dry Ginger
  • Common licorice
  • Black pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Holi basil
  • Sankh pushpi
  • Arjunna
  • Fennal seeds
  • Indian Pomiuort
  • Red Sandal

Description: “Sukhras” as the name defines is a product which gives you the means of attaining and maintaining your own optimal health and well-being. This Herbal tea have been proven by more than two decades of use, and its methodologies are as applicable today in the West as they were thousands of years ago in India.

Swasth rahiye nirogi rahiye sukhi rahiye”

A cup of Sukhras = Good start of the day. Sukhras is a 100% natural herbal drink, having the sweet taste with a great aroma which gives you a fresh start of the day. It is the best substitute for tea & coffee. Sukhras is a natural herbal drink, the benefits of which have been proven over the two decades in Navneet naturopathy centre, Jaipur, (Bassi) & even outside. Its natural fragrance, aroma, taste, color enhance a good start of the day. It's a perfect drink for health.

Benefits of “Sukhras”

  • Beneficial for losing weight naturally
  • Beneficial in digestive dysfunctions
  • Helps in controlling blood cholesterol level
  • Helps in Maintaining blood sugar level
  • Helps in Maintaining moisture level of body
  • Helps in Improving immunity levels
  • Blood purifier
  • Natural flavor
  • Calm the mind
  • Helps to cure anxiety, Depression, insomnia
  • Natural color of Rose petals makes the drink palatable
  • Control Fatigue & laziness
  • Mood enhancer
  • Maintain unctuousness of milk
  • Brain tonic
  • Can be used round the year
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Source of all-day energy
  • No caffeine
  • No nicotine
  • Improve Digestion system
  • Not necessary to have only two cups in a day
  • Natural sweet flavor
  • Made up of natural herbs
  • 100% Natural no preservative & chemicals
  • Natural Pink color adds on to the taste of the drink
  • No addiction Caused
  • Maintain goodness of milk
  • Can be made with or without milk
Why “Sukhras” Is good for you?

Sukhras herbal tea is the best source of your complete energy. Its has a natural sweet flavor even without sugar. It does not contain any caffeine, nicotine, harmful chemical, & no preservative.. It improves the digestion power.


You may drink “Sukhras” as per your requirement, no matter of season, timing & age group. You can take it in any quantity.


Its very easy to make. Prepare it like common tea; boil more than common tea, more boiling yields more benefits of herbs added in the preparation; add sugar according to your taste. For 3 cups of this drink add 1 teaspoon of 'Sukhras' for best results. Even without adding sugar its natural ingredients give a sweet flavor. Best serves in Mitty 'kasora'.Serve hot.